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The FlippaBall competition is an adapted version of the game that has a shorter season length, different balls and additional modified rules to create enjoyment and essential skill development.

This is a good starting point for those new to the game before taking on a club-age group competition.  

FlippaBall aims to:

Provide a safe and age-appropriate introduction  to the sport of water polo

Introduce water polo skills, movements  and tactics to juniors

Give all participants the opportunity to play water polo, regardless of their ability, awareness of the sport or access to pool facilities.

Deliver an engagement tool for clubs, coaches, families and communities to connect and enjoy the sport of water polo.

Aims of Flippaball




NCWPC Flippaball is a modified non-contact version of mixed water polo for boys and girls in Years 3 - 7 (ages 7 to 12).


We run a 15-week program that runs across Term 4 into Term 1 of the following year.


Your first session is a 'Come and Try' introduction to Flippaball, with the remainder of the sessions involving a short skills session followed by games.


Our Flippaball coaches are typically drawn from our U/16 and U/18 teams to provide coaching development opportunities to our younger members.

Skills sessions and games are run to a coaching program developed in conjunction with senior club coaches.

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Its about FUN, being SOCIAL, INCLUSIVE and SAFE!

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